The Hit List

Welcome to the Hit List!

It turns out that some people who play the game are just jerks. They live for nothing else than to make your gaming experience miserable. We all know the type, you get attacked out of the blue twenty times in a row and then if you hitlist the person he robs you for weeks. You write someone a polite message and then they try to lay into you even harder. There is one thing that these kind of "Grief-ers" fail to remember though: They are way more emotionally attached to the game than most other players.


We decided to discontinue the Hitlist on our website, because it is virtually impossible to keep it updated and because posting information of players publicly might violate some rules of the game.

Mafia Wars has an built-in Hitlist system, though, and you can use that to develop your tactics and to gain more experience points. We just added a piece to the strategy guide talking about that, called Hitlist Strategy.

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