Mafia Wars Moscow Guide - Part 3

Vor (Episode unlocks after unlocking episode 4 Finale)

Total energy to master first time: 18449
Total energy to master second time: 23293
Total energy to master third time: 31825
Total energy to master fully: 73567
Best exp payout job: 'Start an Avalanche Above The Terrorist Camp", Finale, 1.845 exp/energy
Best money payout job: ‘Stop a Terrorist Attack in Moscow', Chapter 1, R$9,843/energy
Special item reward for full mastery: ZPR Pulemut, combat weapon, 28 attack 65 defense.
Collections: Soviet Memorabilia, +10 Health
Consumables: You need 109 Sticks of Dynamite to master Vor

I should probably mention that ‘Stop a Terrorist Attack in Moscow’ isn’t technically the best money payout job in this episode. However, the difference is non-existent and it’s really convenient that the best farming job is always in the first chapter, as the first chapter always opens just before you need big money in the previous episode when the Finale opens.

What’s special about Vor, is that it requires items used in all the other episodes, which makes it a pain, especially when episode 6 uses almost exclusively its own unique items. Because of this I like to skip Vor completely. I do enough to open episode 6 and after that sell all items except Sokel Helicopters and get a huge head start in money. After you are done with episode 6, Vor will be a cake money-wise.

For Vor, you will want to choose Vory side. Mafiya has a weapon with 43 defense, and Vory has a weapon with 43 attack. However because the Vory weapon is the best in kind and Mafiya weapon is only the second best, the Vory weapon is worth a lot more and is in higher demand.

Pakhan (Episode unlocks after unlocking episode 5 Finale)

Total energy to master first time: 27661
Total energy to master second time: 39220
Total energy to master third time: 70322
Total energy to master fully: 137203
Best exp payout job: 'Assault the Mansion Walls', Finale, 1.878 exp/energy
Best money payout job: ‘Foil the Sabotage of your Moscow Holdings’, Chapter 1, R$14,300/energy
Special item reward for full mastery: The Drakon, combat vehicle, 54 attack 22 defense.
Collections: Fabergé Eggs, +8 Energy
Consumables: You need 184 Mansion Details to master Pakhan

Dominate Mafia Wars

To master Pakhan, you need unique equipment (equipment that isn’t used in earlier episodes) worth of 2.5~ billion rubles and almost three times as much energy as it takes to master Boss in New York.

While the mastery reward isn’t that impressive, the episode is worth to master for the increased drop chance on loot if you plan to farm at least 100+ items in Pakhan. Pakhan jobs currently drop the best defensive armor, defensive weapon, defensive vechile and offensive vechile. If you are any serious about Mafia Wars (which you probably are if you made it to Pakhan) you will need 500 of each best item which means you should master Pakhan before starting to farm the items.

The Vory/Mafiya choice is somewhat tricky in Pakhan. Both sides have a best-in-slot item as a loot drop. However, Zmeya Carbon Blades are much bigger upgrade over Gaff Hooks than Konstantin Cargo Carriers are over Armored State Cars so if you really can’t decide, Mafiya is ultimately a better choice. You can always trade for Konstantin Cargo Carriers later when you have the higher priority items acquired first. And if you can’t, it’s not a big deal as they are almost a non-existent upgrade over Armored State Cars.

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