Mafia Wars Moscow Guide - Part 1

Moscow is an expansion city which opens up at level 70, after that there are no level requirements for anything in Moscow. All items are buyable at level 70 and episodes (tiers) unlock after unlocking the finale in previous tier. All episodes have 3 chapters and a finale, you start with chapter 1 unlocked and after mastering it you unlock the next chapter and so on.

Moscow business differs from Cuba business in the way that Moscow Business has insanely good Return on Investment. It takes ~2 / 3 / 4 / 8 days to return investment from buying Moscow Business, respective to the order of buyable businesses. I.E. the first business has the best ROI. Fully upgraded Moscow business can get you almost 70 million rubles per day. That means ( if you take into account that pesos are worth 150 times more than rubles and fully upgraded Cuba business produces ~C$300,000 per day ) Moscow business produces (70M/300k/150 = 1.48) 48% more money in proportion to Cuba business. Also, in Cuba the ROI for business is 2-3 weeks. So in Moscow, buying all business and full upgrades is a very good idea.

All Moscow tiers/episodes follow a pretty straight forward format. The ratio for exp/energy in all jobs is pretty much the same, 1.70-1.82 for whole Moscow ignoring help jobs.

Chapter 1 in all episodes always has 2 normal jobs and 1 “help job”, which means that job can be completed for you by your mafia. That is the recommended way since mastering the help job on your own costs just as much energy as the rest of the episode combined.

Chapter 2 in all episodes always has the job to choose Vory or Mafiya, which when mastered locks that side for that mastery cycle and unlocks the chosen side’s jobs for that mastery cycle. The choice is permanent after third mastery for that episode. The two unlocked side-only jobs always include the job for consumables for the finale job and a job that drops loot unique to that side. These 2 unlocked jobs are the only difference between the sides, nothing past chapter 2 or before chapter 2 is affected by side choosing.

Chapter 3 in all episodes always has 2 normal jobs with relatively high energy costs and one job that drops loot.

Finale in all episodes always has 1 job that requires the consumables collected in chapter 2 and after the job is mastered it unlocks a boss in the finale. The boss requires no energy, it just requires you to call for help and one person in your mafia to see the request and help you and the boss is done. After that the episode mastery cycle is completed and the whole episode starts all over again from chapter 1 for the next mastery cycle until you have the episode mastered 3 times.

Each time you master an episode, the requirements for jobs change. The second cycle requirements are first cycle requirements doubled, and the third and final cycle requirements are first cycle requirements TRIPLED. That means Moscow is going to take a lot more money than you can make just from mastering jobs. Investment in the Moscow Business is extremely recommended and will make things a lot easier. You can also buy rubles with GF points, the amount you get depends on your level and the amount of business you currently own in Moscow. If you only own the taxi stand, you will get R$40,000 per level per 10 GF points. The amount increases by R$20,000 for each consecutive business owned per level per 10 GF points. When you own all businesses you get R$120,000 per level per 10 GF points.

For example level 500 character with all business would get 120,000 * 500 = 60 million rubles per 10 GF points, while 200 level character with only Taxi Stand would get 40,000*200 = 8 million rubles for 10 GF points. Very substantial difference, plan ahead before buying rubles with GF points for the best bang for your buck.

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The rewards in mastering Moscow lie in the loot drops. Since the Mastery special item rewards are just like in Cuba and therefore completely useless, the real rewards are the skill points and increased loot drop chances. Moscow loot dropped in the later episodes is a huge upgrade over the best loot in Cuba and also way beyond most godfather loot as well.

The biggest difference compared to earlier cities is that in Moscow for each episode you have to choose between two sides, Vory and Mafiya. However, these decisions play far less role than you would think. Like explained above, the choice only affects one loot drop in chapter 2 of the episode. Nothing else is affected, fighting is still the same and you can’t get Moscow loot drops from fights no matter how you choose.

The choices for sides are covered later for each episode separately.

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