Mafia Wars Strategy - Doin' the Job

A basic overview of what can be accomplished through the job system in Mafia Wars was outlined in the Basics. There are a few key concepts that are worth spending a bit more time on truly the get the best out of your Mafioso. Until recently, jobs were the principal way to gain experience and level up. You want to leverage the time spent doing jobs in order to maximize the benefit that can be gained in terms of skill points, monetary value, and items.

Obey your Master

Job Mastery will yield you a skill point each time you complete a job's given mastery level. Once a Mastery level is obtained in all jobs of a given tier, the next level of job mastery opens up. Each job in each tier therefore has three levels of mastery and every job can yield three bonus skill points through the accomplishment of that Mastery. Every spare skill point achieved helps you level even faster regardless of the strategy that is employed for leveling.

Along with skill points, in each City there are also rewards for fully mastering a job tier. In New York, these items are key to staying competitive.

Pistol Bayonet +4% damage dealt in fights
Roadster -7% damage received in fights
Golden Skull a 30 second reduction on your health regen timer
Money Plate a 5% discount on property purchases
Chainsaw Bayonet a 30 second reduction on your stamina regen timer
State Senator a 5% discount on property repairs
Helicopter a 30 second reduction on your energy regen timer
Private Island a 5% bonus on job experience
Golden Throne 2x the energy regenerated per regen period

In Cuba completing a job tier rewards a unique item that is best in class for the category of the item. Mastering all of the job tiers in New York should clearly be the first priority as the Golden Throne for mastering the Boss level is the singularly most useful item in the game.

Vaulting the valuables

Every job tier has at least one, if not more collections that can be gained. On the Inventory tab you can select Collections & Vault in order to view what pieces you have and which ones you still need. You can trade away collection pieces, but they can not be stolen. You do not get the benefit from vaulting a collection until you actually click on the Vault button after getting at least one of each item.

After a collection has been vaulted, if you manage to collect another full set of that collection this can then be vaulted again to yield boosts. These boosts are one shot items that are immediately applied the next time an action is taken that would benefit from it. For instance, if you have a boost for reducing the amount of energy spent on a job, your very next job will use this boost. Hence, with the exception of robbing and fighting defense, you will want to hold off on vaulting your extra collections until you actually want to use the boost it will give you.

Dominate Mafia Wars
Job Mastery also factors in to collecting these pieces. The higher your level of job mastery for a tier, the more often the collection pieces and loot items drop. If you are specifically seeking to finish collections or stockpile a given type of item, it is highly recommended to finish mastering the job tier first.

If you are trying to talk friends into playing the game, offering them full sets at the outset can be greatly beneficial. A player does not need to have a specific job tier unlocked in order to be sent the collection, though they may not be able to immediately vault it. The collections that yield extra energy points can be especially useful to a new player. Boosts can be similarly traded, but do not provide quite as much benefit to the receiver.

New York Collections

CollectionJob TierBonusBoost
Diamond Flush Collection Street Thug +1 Energy Tripwire(+10 fight defense skill)
Heart Flush Collection Associate +5 Health Cappucino(-3 job energy costs)
Sculptures Collection Soldier +3 Defense Alarm System (+15 robbing defense skill)
Poker Chips Collection Soldier +2 Attack Bulldog (+18 fight defense skill)
Club Flush Collection Soldier +3 Attack Problem Solver (-5 job energy costs)
Boxing Collection Soldier +3 Attack Semi-Pro Boxer (+15 attack skill)
Cigars Collection Enforcer +2 Energy Fixer (-8 job energy costs)
Spade Flush Collection Enforcer +2 Stamina Sting Grenade (+20 attack skill)
Billiards Collection Enforcer +1 Stamina Bouncer (+27 robbing defense skill)
Rings Collection Hitman +4 defense Blueprints (-10 job energy costs)
Ties Collection Hitman +6 Defense Injunction (+25 fight defense skill)
Paintings Collection Capo +6 Energy Motion Detector (+37 robbing defense skill)
Cufflinks Collection Capo +10 Health Corporate Muscle (+35 attack skill)
Barber Collection Capo +4 Energy Shave & a Haircut (+30 fight defense skill)
Great Race Horses Collection Consigliere +7 Energy Inside Tip (-16 job energy costs)

Cuba Collections

CollectionJob TierBonusBoost
Rum Drinks Collection El Soldado +8 Energy Flaming Shot (+30 attack skill)
Tropical Fruits Collection El Capitan +3 Stamina Boosted Smoothie (-18 job energy costs)
Entertainers Collection El Jefe +10 Health Sandbag Wall (+35 fight defense skill)
Tropical Fish Collection El Patron +5 Attack Blowfish Dart (+40 attack skill)
Beards Collection El Padrino +7 Defense Hobo Lookout (+60 robbing defense skill)

Moscow Collections

CollectionJob TierBonusBoost
Prison Tattoos Collection Baklany +6 Defense Temporary Tattoo (+42 Fight Defense Skill)
Matryoshka Dolls Collection Boets +7 Energy Hidden Matryoshka (-20 job energy cost)
Russian Leaders Collection Brigadir +4 Attack Political Favor (+60 robbing defense skill)
Vodka Drinks Collection Avtoritet +4 Stamina Liquid Courage (+44 attack skill)
Soviet Memorabilia Collection Vor +10 Health Berlin Wall Section (+46 fight defense skill)
Faberge Egg Collection Pakhan +8 Energy Faberge Hen: -24 job energy cost

Bangkok Collections

CollectionJob TierBonusBoost
Chess Set Collection Brawler +5 Energy Chess Master (-8 job energy costs)
Masks Collection Criminal +5 Defense War Paint (+32 attack skill)
Spices Collection Pirate +7 Defense Pepper Spray (+36 fight defense skill)
Carvings Collection Commandant +4 Attack Chisel (+34 attack skill)
Orchids Collection Oyabun +8 Health Boutonniere (+10% payout on jobs)

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