Mafia Wars Cuba Guide - Part 1

Cuba is an expansion city that opens up at level 35 and unlocks new jobs until level 185. Cuba uses different currency from New York and there is no way to transfer your New York dollars to Cuban pesos in the game. Cuba also has different business system from New York and the job mastery rewards are actually just normal combat loot and don’t give special bonuses to your character like in New York.

Since Cuba uses different currency from New York and requires consumables that are actually produced from businesses, it’s a smart move to start your business as soon as you open Cuba. Do not start mastering Cuba at such an early level though, as all energy spent in Cuba is energy not spent towards Golden Throne in New York.

All Cuban money producing business have a similar return on investment, whether you buy a single business or many with upgrades, they return your investment in about two weeks. The bribery ring business doesn’t produce money at all, it produces politico corruptos, a consumable that is exclusively used in Cuba and you need 1182 of them to fully master Cuba.

A feature that is only in Cuba is Bribe Money. This means for every buyable inventory item in Cuba your job money payouts get reduced by 0.5% and it caps at 80% payout reduction. For example, if you own 20 Rebel Snipers and 20 Machetes, you will get 20% less money from jobs. The bagman bonus (mogul class only) ignores the bribe penalty when it occurs.

Money really shouldn’t be a big problem in Cuba, unless you forgot to bank it and someone stole it before you managed to ice yourself. Even if you have nothing to begin with, you can do the job that doesn’t require any items to do and after you have mastered it you will have enough money to buy requirements for next job and the cycle continues.

All the Cuba job mastery reward items are actually just loot used in combat, that means the only real reward from Cuba are the relatively free skill points and higher drop rates on job loots when you have mastery. It has been claimed that the reward loot has some kind of magical bonus that other loot items don’t have but it hasn’t been proved. The rewards are single combat items that have stats worse or slightly better than normal items, yet you use up to 1503 items in a fight, not a noticeable difference.

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