Mafia Wars Achievements - Part 3


(Earned by surviving at least one hour on the hitlist)

This achievement is virtually impossible (facebook) in its current form if the hitlist isn’t lagged and there are only 5 people hitlisted or a similar amount. On a normally functioning hitlist you will get attacked rapidly and if you win most of these fights and manage to heal within hospital cooldown, eventually a big hitter (read: credit card player) will dump their 500 stamina on you 10 clicks a second. You might get lucky and not draw attention from a big hitter to your way in the whole hour, scoring you bulletproof, given that you have enough health to heal between hospital cooldowns from the small attacks. I would say have at least 1000 defense skill, 501 mafia with best gear and 250 health before trying on a rapid hitlist.

The easy way to get bulletproof is to get hitlisted on a server where the hitlist is flooded with people so you have a very good chance to linger on the hitlist without getting attacked at all.

That’s with a “T”, Nest Egg, What’s After Trillion?

(Earned by depositing 1 trillion/10trillion/999trillion in the bank in a one lump sum)

These achievements are the hardest ones in the game. Remember that the bank fee reduces 10% from the (reduce 10% means you will end up with AmountDeposited x 0.9) amount deposited so you will need at least $NY1,111,111,111,111 and so on and deposit it all at once.

That’s with a “T” can be acquired on an Energy Account dumping energy on the ‘Make Arrangements for a Visiting Don’ job in the Boss tier over and over again. It will take about 600 000 energy spent on the job.

All these achievements are most easily acquired on a low max energy maniac account with rackets instead of properties. As you may or may not know, properties are no good for making money, the ROI (Return on Investment) is terrible, in some cases it can take a year to get your initially invested money back. Read more about rackets in the rackets guide.

With rackets and doing jobs, accumulate a sum of money on hand, which would make this equation true: (MoneyOnHand*0.0018)/(MaxEnergy*0.2) > 1,642,857

The enforcer tier boss fight awards 0.18% of your current money on hand and costs 20% of your maximum energy. The 1,642,857 is money earned per energy point doing the highest paying job in the game (Make Arrangements for a Visiting Don). Let’s say you have 500 MaxEnergy. You would need only 91 billion on hand, before the boss fight would start paying better. With 500 max energy, a maniac character type, and the golden throne (NY Boss tier reward, don’t try for these achievements before mastering at least NY) you can do the boss fight 27 times a day, assuming you level up once a day. If you start with 91 billion it takes:

91,000,000,000 * 1.0018^n = 1,111,111,111,111

1.0018^n = 12.21

n * lg 1.0018 = lg 12.12

n = lg12.12/lg1.0018

n = 1391

1391 boss fights, 27 per day = 52 days before you have the first trillion. However, because of the exponential increase, the 10 trillion would only take:

1,111,111,111,111* 1.0018^n = 11,111,111,111,111

1.0018^n = 10

n * lg 1.0018 = lg 10

n = lg10/lg1.0018

n = 1280

With the 1.1 trillion on your hand you would only need 1280 boss fights to get to the 10 trillion, 47 days. And to get 999 trillion from this point would take 93 days. However, all these numbers completely ignore production from rackets, which obviously have a huge effect, so in reality it doesn’t take as much time. However, the key elements here were a maniac character, New York completely mastered and only 500 max energy. The more max energy you have the longer it takes because the boss fight energy cost is based on your maximum energy

Ironically, a mogul character (designed to make the most money in the game) would take a lot more time to get these achievements.

Back in the U.S.S.R.

(Earned by vaulting the Soviet Memorabilia collection)

Dominate Mafia Wars

The pieces of this collection drop from episode 5 jobs in Moscow. Very high drop chance and I had the whole collection before mastering the episode even once. This achievement is tuned for around 400+ level players as getting episode 5 unlocked before that is quite unlikely.

Pank n' Spank

(Earned by defeating Dmitri Leonov)

Dmitri Leonov is the boss of episode 1 in Moscow, you will unlock him after you have finished the 3 chapters and the finale. The boss fight isn’t like the one in New York, it’s simple a normal job with only a “Get Help” button instead of “Do Job”. Click “Get Help” and as soon as one of your mafia members click the published message, you will get this achievement.

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