Mafia Wars Achievements - Part 2

Big business, Banana Republic, Tycoon

(Earned by fully upgrading a single business in Cuba/owning all businesses in Cuba/upgrading all businesses in Cuba)

Upgrading Tobacco Plantation is the most easiest one to upgrade, costing C$12,500 to take over + C$ 125,600 to fully upgrade = C$138,100 total. Owning all businesses in Cuba costs C$637,500. Fully upgrading every business costs about 6 million pesos.

If you are a fighter character then you should start doing your fights in Cuba as soon as you hit level 35 to steal Cuban money from players and get your businesses going early and you will have easier time in Cuba when you start doing jobs there.

Energy character’s fast progress means they won’t benefit from businesses as they take over 20 days to even return the initial investment and energy characters can blow through cuba easily much faster than that. For energy characters, after fully mastering cuba, you can sell all your inventory except what is required for the job ‘Arrange A New York Drug Shipment’ in the El Cacique tier and farm the money required. This job will give you the best money for energy invested after taking the minimal equipment requirement bribery increase in the calculations.

Like a Hurricane

(Earned by winning 1000 fights in Cuba)

As soon as cuba opens to you, start doing every fight in Cuba. It doesn’t matter if the defender is in New York or Moscow, the fights you initiate in cCuba will always count towards this achievement. This is a grinding achievement which will take some time.

Working Man

(Earned by completing 20 jobs)

Trivial achievement, only way not to get this is not to play the game at all.

Knife Thrower

(Earned by looting 10 butterfly knives)

These will drop as you master associate tier, the unmodified drop chance is 25-30%.

Uncle Sam

(Earned by owning 50 federal agents)

Since the job where federal agents “drop” from consumes a blackmail photo each time you do the job and the drop chance is very low, it’s not recommended to try and farm 50 federal agents from the job.

They start dropping from fights after reaching level 105, and fights don’t consume the much needed blackmail photos.

The most easiest way is probably get them all gifted and then gift them back to the player, but requires a degree of trust if this person values the federal agents. You can also put it on your wishlist and publish it or trade for them, this is a second rate item and is not worth much.

Set Them Up for Later

(Earned by losing 10 fights in a row)

Have 10 stamina, go to leaderboards, attack the best player on the leaderboard 10 times. These players get attacked thousands of times per day and your 10 attacks will probably go unnoticed. Alternatively you can just find a stronger player on the fight list.

First Blood, Veteran

(Earned by declaring and winning a war/participating in 500 wars )

These are facebook only achievements. The bigger your mafia is the better the chances are that when you announce a war, your mafia members will instantly go kill the guy you declared war with. Participating in 500 wars requires a big mafia and hunting newsfeeds for wars to be participated in, this is a grinding achievement and can really be softened by having your mafia size in the thousands.

It’s Good to be the King

(Earned by being promoted to at least 10 friend’s top mafia)

Boosting your jobs completed, level and mafia size is the most quickest way to this achievement. Depending on your class, fearless have it easiest on this achievement because -11% wheelmen (you will give a -11% wheelman bonus when you are a level 299+ fearless) are somewhat rare. Fights won and successful heists (when they are enabled) require somewhat a hardcore amount of completions to give the maximum bonus to your mafia so going that route is not as efficient. Always raise your mafia size, the more mafia you have, the better the odds are for getting promoted to top mafia.

Island Bound, Rossiya Matushka

(Earned by travelling to Cuba/Moscow)

Cuba/Moscow unlocks at levels 35/70 respectively, simply travel to the country when you reach the required level.

Big Spender, Treasure Hunter

(Earned by spending GF points/finding a Rare Item in a mystery crate)

Simply use your GF points to get Big Spender, extra skill points are generally the best investment for these.

You have 10% chance to find a rare in a crate that costs 20 GF points (or 55 GF points for three crates). If you are willing to go for this achievement by buying GF points or simply wasting the free GF points awarded in the game, here are some numbers:

Crates boughtChance to find rare item
3 27.1%
6 46.9%
9 61.2%
12 71.8%
15 79.4%

Dominate Mafia Wars
So if you buy 9 crates you are more likely to find a rare than not, but it is not guaranteed and even buying 15 crates you have 1 out of 5 situations where you don’t find a Rare Item. So this is a huge GF point drain achievement, definitely not worth it for 1 skill point.

The Best Offense

(Earned by defeating 6 attackers in a row)

What makes this achievement a little tricky, is that fights won riding the hitlist do not count and most people don’t attack you 6 times after seeing a loss from the fight list. Simply ask a weaker player in your mafia to do you a favor, remove you from his/her mafia and attack you 6 times losing. You can then add each other back. Remember to give a gift!

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