Independence Day Loot & Event

The post up in Mafia Wars says "This Friday, July 3rd, special Holiday Items are hidden in the game. Find them before time runs out." The conversation on the forums for the game seem to indicate that this event may actually last all the way till Monday.

What does hidden Holiday Items even mean?

In Mafia Wars for the duration of the event as you go about your regular activities in the game there is now a chance that one of the 8 Independence Day holiday items will drop for you. Despite the fact that there are exactly 8 items, these are not collection items but rather regular pieces of loot that you will see on the Loot tab of your inventory. Currently there are a few known ways to get these items to randomly drop:

  • Do a Job
  • Fight another player
  • # Rob another player

How To Target Strangers

Any time you perform one of these activities, there is a chance that one of the new holiday items will drop. The drop rate for fights seems to be at about 5% and the drop rate for jobs at about 2%. Currently, we are unsure of the Robbery or Capo rates. Your mileage may vary as we are unfortunately unable to make enough attempts to generate really statistically significant numbers. Currently, it is believed that the items do not drop from attempting Hitlist attacks. Reports are mixed about whether or not you can get an item from fighting as someone's Capo. If you have a screen shot of getting an item from one, please send it to tips at mafiawarstips com.

Show me the loot!

Here are all eight items and their stats. They are not giftable:

Loot ItemSlotAttackDefense
Facebook Mafia Wars Bayonet Bayonet Weapon 4 16
Facebook Mafia Wars Cannon Cannon Weapon 33 7
Facebook Mafia Wars Davy Crockett Racoon Skin Hat Davy Crockett Hat Armor 21 9
Facebook Mafia Wars Flintlock Pistols Flintlock Pistols Weapon 14 6
Facebook Mafia Wars Musket Musket Weapon 25 5
Facebook Mafia Wars Red Coat Red Coat Armor 8 32
Facebook Mafia Wars Saber Saber Weapon 17 13
Facebook Mafia Wars Tri-Point Hat Tri-Point Hat Armor 8 12

Independence Day Loot Strategies

Since the event is brief, you want to maximize the number of times you have a chance at getting one of the pieces of loot. Ideally, start today with full energy, though unless you planned for this the day before, there are no guarantees. Throughout the course of the day, be sure to do Fights as often as your stamina fills back up. The drop rate from fighting seems to be higher and most players get a full stamina refill in less than two hours.

Finally, optimize your jobs for the day such that you are performing the most jobs possible. For most people this will mean doing a LOT of mugging from the Street Thug level. Depending on how much energy you have though, it may be worthwhile to do some other jobs as well to make sure you level. For instance, if you start the day with 800 energy and you need 1200 XP more to level, you are better off doing some Boss level 2 xp per energy jobs for half your energy and then all muggings with your second half for roughly 410 jobs and then as you just level with that last mugging you now can do 800 more muggings for a total of 1210 jobs done as opposed to just 800 if you had only done the muggings. Similarly, be sure to use your Energy Pack as this can net you a lot more muggings. In our attempts, 1300 muggings was enough to yield 30 drops and the final drop was the last item we needed for one of each.

Should you stop once you have at least one of each?

Honestly, probably not. Just take today to do as many jobs and fights as you possible can. The Red Coat armor is better than any other drop armor for defense currently in the game and with the exception of the new Cuban items, the Davy Crockett Hat is better attack for armor than anything you can get in New York. Just keep being the Street Thug that you are and you can get outfitted quite nicely for the rest of the year!

Dominate Mafia Wars

Should you drop what you are doing for the event?

For the quality of items you can get in Armor, yes. The event only lasts for a couple of days (or maybe even just one). Continuing to move forward on your progress in New York and Cuba will not be significantly delayed by taking a few days to enjoy the event. The one caveat is do not slow down your leveling by just mindlessly doing muggings. You will get more muggings in if you focus on the same leveling rate you had before.