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Mafia Wars Blog:

bullet holesShare Your Mafia Wars Codes!

For those of you playing Mafia Wars on the iPhone, we now have developed a site for you to share your Mafia Wars codes. Go visit Mafia Wars Codes right now and input in your Mafia Wars player ID. This will allow other players to find your codes and add you to their mob. It's a great way to build up your Mafia family!

bullet holesMafia Wars Bangkok Guide Part 1 Up

We just added part 1 of our new Mafia Wars Bangkok Guide. In this guide you will discover everything that Bangkok has to offer as the latest Mafia Wars expansion city. Take a look and tell us what you think.

bullet holesNew Section on the Strategy Guide

We have added a new section to the Mafia Wars Strategy Guide, called Hitlist Strategy. There you'll find all the information you need to use Hitlist rides and gain experience with that. This is a nice trick you can use to level up without spending stamina or energy. Check it out.

bullet holesNew Hit List Is Up

Greetings and welcome back! With the in-game Hitlist being so popular today, we are seeing the worst being brought out of some of our less social players. In honor of these and other Grief-ers from every where in Game-dom, we would like to offer The Hit List. Here you can find a small sample of some of the best jerks, schmucks, and other undesirables in Mafia Wars. Come check it out and beat on these folk in the game! We would love to see your exploits.

bullet holesIndependence Day Loot Guide & Thanks For Your Patience

First and most importantly we would like to apologize to our loyal readers and thank you for your patience! We know we are a little behind in getting information posted about Cuba and the new Lottery, but the site redesign took longer than expected. Look for us to have more great new information posted real soon! In the spirit of keeping with that promise, we can off this... Timely information about collecting the new Independence Day Loot!

We have added a new section to host our articles about minor topics in the game. Anything that applies universally will still be in the The Strategy Guide, such as choosing a character and fighting basics. Special interest topics, like the holidays, the new Lotto system , or getting bootstrapped in Cuba, will now show up in the Articles section. We also have plans to finally share some of our internal data from our spreadsheets on the jobs, items, etc. Finally, there are rumors that Zynga has two more locations planned for near term releases. It should be quite exciting!

bullet holesFacebook Mafia Wars Achievements

The Mafia Wars Strategy Guide is proud to announce we have the first half of the Achievements section up for your perusal. As always, if you notice anything missing you think we should include, have a question we haven't answered, or there is information you believe to be inaccurate, please contact us at info@mafiawarstips.com.

bullet holesMay Day Updates for Facebook Mafia Wars

As I am sure most folks have noticed by now, yesterday Zynga added to Mafia Wars an Achievement system. We are trying to get an Achievement Guide article written as quickly as possible in order to help folks out with these new goals.

We also have been in the process of analyzing what search terms are bringing you, our readers, here to our little site. It has come to our attention that a fair number of folk looking for specific information are leaving before they find it here on the site, so we have added a new set of links on the front page here that will get continually updated based on the search terms that bring you folk to us.

bullet holesBanking New Advice!

Zynga has made several updates over the last few weeks. We are still trying some things out to get all of our information updated. We apologize for the length of time since the last update.

The Strategy Guide has the Usin' Skill Points section finished now with the final advice over which collections and job tier masteries will help save you time the fastest. Look for additional ways of advancing quickly in Fightin' and Robbin' coming soon.

bullet holesSkills to pay the Mafia Wars bills!

The Strategy Guide is having great success so far, and we would like to thank everyone who has come by or sent in an e-mail. Rollin' a Bankroll is now complete. We were going to work on Doin' the Job next, but we noticed a fair number of search queries asking about skill points and leveling. So in response to demand, we now have a new section, Usin' Skill Points up for your perusal. It is still in the editing phase, but I think you will find it has more than enough information to get you started!

bullet holesMafia Wars Strategy? Forget About It!

Mafia Wars by Zynga is continuing to grow in popularity and demand! The Strategy Guide is coming along a bit slower than we initially predicted. We are working hard to make sure we can get you all the information you want and that we stay up to date with the Top Mafia changes which are taking us a little extra time to figure out. Rollin' a Bankroll is almost finished. We just have some finishing touches to make on money management and details on the laundering fees (especially with daily bonuses removed).

If you are worried at all, forget about it. We will have more strategies and tricks coming soon for Doin' the Job which will give detailed breakdowns on XP and cash per job, how many times to master, making the most of XP, Energy leveling tricks, and of course all the details on the special loot item drops. We are currently compiling some of the new information about collections which should help as well. If you have any specific questions you would like to see answered or tips you would like to share, as always, you can send them to Tips at our domain name.

bullet holesWeekend Update with Don Burk

Welcome, my crime ridden friends! I apologize for the lack of updates over the weekend, my family was out of town and meeting new members. Trading collection pieces went in to the game over this period and the daily bonus was removed. No more waiting to bank on the free laundering days. Trading for collection pieces though has caused a flurry of activity within families as we all scramble to complete them all. The Basics is almost done and we expect to have The Strategy Guide completed this week.

Our first few requests have come in as well, and we will be looking to add a way to meet more mafia members and a page to assist with trading for collection pieces soon. Check back often for more tips from the underground!

bullet holesThe First Alpha of the Mafia Wars Strategy Guide is Live!

Welcome back mobsters! We may not have all the information up yet that we wish.... Well, that is a gross understatement. We have just barely scratched the surface of the information we would like to provide, but never the less The Guide is now live. Look for the information to grow explosively over the next week. Once most of the information is added, we will also be adding an index to find any of the specific sub-headings you may care about and then a property calculator for rate of return on investments. Keep on stopping by! We are growing quickly! If you have a specific concern, question, or tip, feel free to email it to us at DonBurk at this site!

bullet holesWelcome to Mafia Wars Secrets!

I am honored you have come by to visit, on this, the day of my opening. My family shall be bringing to you in the coming week a complete strategy guide to help you get started on this war in the streets. We have information on optimizing your property purchases, winning more of your fights, getting away from vendettas, and how that family down the street from you has leveled faster. If you have any information or questions you would like to see addressed, or tips you would like to see included just send a thug over unarmed. We are constantly adding new content to the sites, and if you have any Mafia Wars Tips you would like to contribute, please email us at info AT mafiawarstips DOT com. Please enjoy the site.